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Between the Invisible Walls

The exhibition deals with the transformations and symbiosis that happen between the invisible walls in the virtual and real world. An invisible wall is a boundary in a video game that limits where a player can go. If a character passes through that wall, they may enter an area of the map which was not intended to be entered. They might step into an endless space which contains nothing at all.

It is also believed that indiscernible barriers exist in space, which could be responsible for galaxies aligning into disk forms. As a result, the artworks imitate disk-shaped galaxies. Their borders are in the shapes of physical screens or imaginative obstacles. The constructed spaces invite visitors to discover the various represented topics – online and offline parasocial relationships, self-representation on social media and gender equality in the gaming community.

Keiu Maasik

is an artist based in Tallinn. She has degrees in Photography (BA) and Contemporary Art (MA) from the Estonian Academy of Arts. In 2019 she was awarded the Estonian Academy of Arts’ Young Artist Award (MA) and in 2018 the Wiiralt scholarship. In her work, she has previously explored themes such as the impact of documentation on memory, identity and interpersonal relationships.

Kelli Gedvil & Natalia Wojcik

Kelli Gedvil is an artist who lives and works in Tallinn. She has graduated from the Department of Painting (BA) and the Department of Contemporary Art (MA) at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her latest projects "4EVER" and "Purifying Your Skin" have explored the behavioural patterns of self-presentation in various virtual communities and how they manifest and affect the physical body.

FREMEN is an artistic alias of Natalia Anna Wojcik, a Polish-Estonian experimental-electronic music producer, performer and audiovisual composer. FREMEN’s work focuses on exploring the effects of sound on the human psyche. She firmly believes in both the healing as well as destructive powers of music, placing the timbre of sound and the rich potential of the female voice as focal points of her practice.

Amy Boulton

is an artist and interdependent researcher based in Gothenburg, Sweden, whose practice investigates public space, technology and feminist theories of labour. Her projects combine these research interests, articulating the embedded connections between them. She works both independently and collaboratively with artists and people with backgrounds in architecture, urban planning, interaction and game design.

Kertu Rannula

lives and works in Tallinn. Through site specific photo- and video installations, she is researching the relationships, signs and symbols of the contemporary human and culture. Rannula holds a Bachelor’s degree in photography from the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has also studied fine arts in Iceland University of the Arts and sculpture and installation in Belgium PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

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