by Six

The central theme of the exhibition, as the title suggests, is the black beard, a species of algae that lives in an aquarium. The exhibition includes an audiovisual edit of various scenes of aquarium life. The work is a playful and slightly rhythmic fantasy of the life of the aquarium-dwelling river fish Swordtail living among these algae. The deep, dark tones of the video art take the viewer into a picturesque world of noise, with the sound of water gurgling, the whistling of a hydro-pump, and the gentle crunching of rocks.

Six is an Estonian contemporary artist-producer whose creative domain lies in both the deep arts and the cultural-entertainment environment. She is a sound and light artist, a contemporary sculptor and an interdisciplinarian. Six should be taken as an independent artist whose creative boundaries are flexible, light and emotional, yet firm and rational. The works prioritise recycled materials and technological solutions, with an emphasis on the ephemeral nature of the artwork. That is why documentary art, where the previous work creates the next, is also important. On the content side of the artist's practice, there is a strong emphasis on the audience's personal interpretation, creating an experience-based dialogue between performer and viewer.

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