It is a thought that never rests. It flows in and out in tides controlled by its own uncontrollable vibrations. The pulse is rhythmical, measured, unwavering; until it becomes a slobbering mess, a chaotic cacophony and maybe one day stands still.
It is a simple thought. The smooth surface may seem like it's covering an exhaustingly elaborate arcane depth, but all the details are made of simple matter if one looks close enough. What is this simple matter hiding, though?
It is a double edged thought. Its apparent polar opposites fight over dominance - one a beacon of reason and progress, the other a primal mess. Growing and building and wilting and crumbling. Once it's clear that two are one, there's nothing left than to kiss and make up.
As above, so below, this too shall pass, etc. etc. etc.

Egle Ehtjen is an Estonian artist, working in Tallinn. She has studied animation, done illustrations, short comics, assisted other artists, and is currently working on establishing her own artist praxis. In her work, she combines traditional materials, like watercolour and ink with digital editing and animation. In the past she has mostly worked with characters and narratives, but lately veered towards the abstract and obscure, finding inspiration from nature, esoteric ramblings and things difficult to put in words.

Instagram: @egle.ehtjen

Demiurgic meltdown   Egle Ehtjen

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