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How to understand the picture

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As a result of answering the questionnaire, one line is added to the image. When you answer questions, your answers will appear on the first line after they are entered. Later, the position of your answers may change, because other lines of answers are added. If you move the cursor to any square, you will see a related question as a tooltip.

Privacy & data protection

Answers are saved anonymously and used only to create the image. The responses are in no way associated with information about the user. The artist reserves the right to sort and filter the data for a better image or page loading speed, and to delete spam.

If you start digging deeper, "How are you?" is a difficult question. Are you doing well? But what does well mean? Nowadays, various tools are offered for self-tracking, but ready-made solutions focus primarily on automatically measured or quantitative data.

Finding that 10,000 steps and 8 glasses of water does not define my nature, I shared "How are you?" into dozens of sub-questions that I answer every day. Finding the right questions isn't easy. I've been looking for them for several years and I'm still searching by constantly adding, deleting and changing my questions. As I was looking for new methods of data analysis, I generated images from the data I collected. The image created in this way could be considered my self-portrait.

Understanding how you are doing is also related to comparing yourself to others. I am interested in how we are similar and different, what is personal and what is universal in my questions. You now have the opportunity to test part of my questions on yourself. When you answer, do you get the feeling that you will learn more about yourself or is it a story about someone else?

If you want to answer questions and see your responses as part of a picture created from the data.

How are you?
How are we?

If you want to see an image generated from other people's responses.